Precision Farming

IoT has been instrumental in bringing precision farming to agriculture. The main aim of precision agriculture is to maximize the yield per unit of land fit for farming by using latest farming methods. This would continuously be done in a sustainable manner so highest quality yields are produced, improving the financial returns of the farmer.It makes use of the latest technologies in GPS, big data and sensors to improve crop yields. Farmers no longer have to take uninformed decisions, and then worry when the climate changes adversely. With precision farming they can be better equipped for what might happen, sometimes preventing complete loss of yield. Nowadays farmers use computer-based imaging, GPS technology, robotics, precise climate forecasting techniques, knowledge of environment controlling factors and all kinds of highly accurate science-based solutions. more.. less.. Download Full

Smart Farming

IoT can help farmers in a number of ways. At its most basic level, sensors can be deployed across farm and farming machineries in order to enable farmers to gain an abundance of insightful data, such as the temperature of stored product, the amount of fertilizer used, the amount of water in the soil, the number of seeds planted, storage conditions, the status of farming equipment and machinery in use, etc. Once an IoT-enabled smart system is in place, farmers can easily track a variety of environmental variables and take informed decisions. Moreover, the rich insights derived from smart sensors could help farmers be more precise in their use of pesticides and fertilizers, thus mitigating some environmental impacts. more.. less.. Download Full

Livestock Management

There’s a lot of manual work involved in livestock management including driving out to the pasture several times a day to check on herd and feed livestock. During calving season, many farmers rarely leave the farm. Ranches with livestock, particularly large-scale agricultural operations, provide one of the best use cases to leverage new technology that uses the Internet of Things (IoT). Each year, farmers lose significant amounts of profit due to animal illnesses. There are many ways that IoT-enabled livestock management solutions allow farmers to promote better livestock health. IoT enables farmers to monitor remote locations from one centralized location, so they can more efficiently monitor a larger number of livestock and get more detail on each individual animal using the data collected more.. less.. Download Full

Commercial Smart Parking

We offer all the technological components required for guiding vehicle parking within a commercial lot, building, on the streets or even a dedicated parking complex. Our flexible and accurate sensing system and dynamic message signs help visitors to quickly spot a place to park improving overall experience and accessibility. Web and Mobile Applications for guidance, system management and control facilitate the analysis and use of parking space. more.. less.. Download Full

Traffic Management

Our intelligent traffic management systems analyze real-time sensor data dynamically and on a massive scale in order to reduce congestion and optimize personal mobility. With the increase in numbers of smart cars and smart devices connected to the road system, traditional storage-based data management solutions are unable to scale for real-time traffic management performance. Our closed loop traffic management with real-time integration to operational road systems and infrastructure for managing stop lights and speed signs act as an aggregator for traffic data feeds with Google Earth and Google Map visualization integrations. With real time traffic flow and congestion alerts, the impact can be felt in terms of cost, efficiency and better decision making while providing insights into estimated travel time, delays, fuel wastage, traffic jams. more.. less.. Download Full

Environmental Sensing Systems

TenPi's environmental monitoring systems are designed to provide a scalable, efficient and compact solution that integrates multiple sensors in a single easy to deploy unit. Remote device management and data access are made simple with web interfaces and mobile apps, and data can be exported to external programs to perform statistical analysis and generating reports. These compact, easy to install systems can be deployed in both indoor as well as outdoor setups and can be both static and mobile to collect and analyse data from air, water,soil and monitoring the movement of wildlife and their habitats as well. more.. less.. Download Full

Early Warning Systems

Deploying devices connected to the Internet and monitoring environmental parameters also means applications that detect emission leveles from factories, river water quality and forest fire detection, earthquake, landslide and tsunami pre warning can be accessed by emergency services to provide more effective aid. Early Warning technologies have greatly benefitted from recent advances in communication and information technologies and an improved knowledge on natural hazards and the underlying sciences to prevent it. more.. less.. Download Full

Fleet Management

Telematics is transforming business operations and customer engagement. Companies that manage fleets can use fleet telematics to collect real-time information such as vehicle behavior, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and driver insights to increase productivity, reduce expenses, and improve safety. In addition to making fleet operations safer and more cost effective, telematics enables new services that can significantly impact customer satisfaction. more.. less.. Download Full

Internet Remote

Internet remotes or Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) beacons are wireless devices that periodically transmit BLE advertising packets that are received by a smartphone, which then detects the position of the remote with respect to itself. These remotes bridge the gap between the online and the offline world, a have diverse functionalities and uses in the real world. From proximity marketing to low power asset tracking to indoor navigation, the different solutions & products that can be built around Beacon technology are endless. TenPi offers one of the widest choice of Internet remotes on the market, the pi-Beacon series, especially developed for addressing real-world needs and enterprise-grade requirements. The beacons are low power & low cost devices and are internally designed and custom made to fit different applications and use-cases. more.. less.. Coming Soon

Inventory & Warehousing Management

Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) & the latest supply chain technology, a smart warehouse serves as a hub to best efficiency & speed thoughout the entire supply chain from wearables to RFID tags to sensors & smart equipment, IoT-enabled devices & technology can profoundly change the inventory & logistics management. more.. less.. Download Full

Manufacturing Solutions

Worldwide the manufacturing sector is the most affected with the advent of Internet of Things. Technlogies based on IoT have the potential to radically improve visibility in manufacturing to 'unit-level visibility'.It is also responsible for driving digital transformation of the factory floor to the equipment to the products manufactured, lending to smarter operations & optimizing revenue. more.. less.. Download Full

Mining Operations

The popularity of integrating Internet of Things in Mining Operations comes from two key reasons: To improve performance & boost productivity while eliminating unnecessary incidental casts, and improving safety & working conditions while being able to anticipate machinery failures. more.. less.. Download Full