Software development is an integral part of the development of smart devices. Our software development services in IoT serves as the true essence of technologizing things to make them smart while serving as an interface between the IoT device and the end user. At TenPi, our software teams works in close association with the hardware team to come up with innovative solutions for firmware, web application, mobile gateway development. Other important aspects of our software services include integration of Cloud database and network protocol.

Our Software Development offerings in IoT services include

  • Appropriate scalable design and technology based on range, cost and power
  • Embedded firmware development
  • Real Time Operating System integration
  • Embedded software porting
  • GUI interface management
  • Communication and Network protocol integration
  • Mobile Gateway development for compatible platforms and devices
  • Development of full stack web application
  • User friendly UI controls
  • Customized UX integrated applications
  • Cloud Server integration with Data Insights
  • Data logger for collection of data
  • 3rd party software brokering
  • Compliance and follow up

The technologies we work in IoT services include

  • Programming platforms: Microsoft, .NET, C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON,RUBY,PHP, Embedded Firmware Programming, etc
  • Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS, PhoneGap, etc
  • Wireless Technologies: WiFi, BlueTooth, Zwave, ZigBee, 6LowPAN, etc
  • UX Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, etc
  • Cloud Platform: Amazon Web Services
  • Network Protocols: MQTT, CoAP, XMPP, etc
  • Communication: M2M,M2H,H2M,M2B,B2M,B2H,H2B,etc

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