One of the many outcomes of rapid integration of Internet of Things (IoT) in our daily lives is the vast amount of data generated from each and every sensor and smart device. Without proper study and analysis, this Big Data is often rendered useless. This analysis can be used for improving business strategies, predicting trends in the systems and producing reports for further scrutiny. The organization and management of Big Data is one of the major concerns arising today. At TenPi, we provide our clients with robust IoT data strategy using the latest tools and interpretation of the insights of the data on the edge and facilitates our clients to uncover their desired business goals.

Our Data Analytics offering in the IoT services can be categorized as follows:

  • Real time Data Collection and Big Data Management

    We provide an effective and vigorous blueprint for the accumulation of the large scale flow of data from your smart phones, tablets, meters, sensors, wearables and many other smart devices connected within the network.We provide front line solutions for real time management of the extensive amount of data generated at such high velocities. We make use of both RDBMS like MySQL, Oracle, Sqlite, MS-SQL, etc as well as noSQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, Apache CouchDB, BigDB, etc. depending upon the requirement at hand.

  • Data Insights

    The raw data collected is processed to uncover the vast amount of data hidden in its elemental form. Data mining algorithms are employed for determining the underlying patterns and other valuable insights in the streams of data using existing Business Intelligence software for predictive analysis. We also work on Apache Hadoop and Cloudera for managing and driving instant data analytics and insights. Our solutions incorporate scalability and boost usability. We use machine learning algorithms and predictive analysis to help process data more efficiently, and help our clients with optimum resource allocation and utilization.

  • Data Visualisation

    The data collected along with the analysis performed is then communicated in a perceptible manner to the client. We employ visualization tools like Google Chart, Tableau, D3, FusionChart, etc which enables easy to understand analysis across any device, browser and platform. We generate and deliver customized reports to our clients, with minimal human interaction.

Predictive Analysis has become one of the emerging domains of Data Analysis today. Collection and analysis of Big Data is not sufficient, we need intelligent algorithms to make the system work without extensive programming. This reduces human interaction and enables predictive analysis through learning algorithms and models like KNN that continuously learns from the data finding solutions to otherwise camouflaged problems without voluminous programming and human involvement.

We have a highly proficient and trained team specializing in Machine Learning and Data Analytics who design efficient and comprehensive learning algorithms that are able to process any kind of data. These run on any browser and in any device or platform and can be translated into data visualization and pattern recognition capabilities as well.

Our Machine learning and Predictive Analysis features include

  • Effective data preparation
  • Learning and iterative testing
  • Scalability
  • Intelligent basic and complex algorithms
  • Machine Learning model
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Automated and fully managed services

Technologies we work with in our IoT services and solutions

Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, PIG, WibiData, PLATFORA, HBase, Impala, Oozie, Mahout, Flume, ZooKeeper, Solr, SkyTree, RStudio, Azure ML, Mlib.

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